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Window Signs


Window Signs – Your Window to the World

Traditional hand painted  Window Signs have mostly been replaced with computer precision cut vinyl lettering and high resolution digitally printed graphics, The vinyl graphics are normally reverse cut and applied on the inside of the glass panel. This prevents vandalism and gives a clean appearance from the outside of the window.

The digitally printed graphics have a protective clear laminate to preserve the print from abrasion, UV and varying weather conditions.

Practicality and Safety

Window signs utilising vinyl cut graphics are an excellent way to brand your business premise and to attract the attention of prospective customers in shopping areas, office entrances, etc.

Large glass panels can present a safety hazard to customers, so window signage helps eliminate that.

Signs Online can assist you in reproducing your corporate branding, utilizing window signage, or creating areas of privacy by blocking out certain areas, or all of the glass panel utilising frosted vinyl or opaque vinyl panels.
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Get that Window Space to Work for You

Window signs allow you to maximise your brand awareness by utilising, otherwise wasted space. 

They also help reduce uv damage to vunerable interior furnishings and can provide security from prying eyes where cash registers, computers, etc. are located.

Window signs can be manufactured using a range of substrates, including printed vinyl, perforated vinyl, static cling and frosted vinyl that simulates sandblasted textures.

Types of Window Signs We Make

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