Traditional hand painted  Window Signs have mostly been replaced with computer precision cut vinyl lettering and graphics, The vinyl graphics are normally reverse cut and applied on the inside of the glass panel. This prevents vandalism and gives a clean appearance from the outside of the window.

Window Signs – Your Window to the World

Window signs utilising vinyl graphics are an excellent way to brand your business premise and to attract the attention of prospective customers in shopping areas, office entrances, etc. Signs Online can assist you in reproducing your corporate branding, utilizing Window Signage, or creating areas of privacy by blocking out certain areas, or all of the glass panel.

Window signs and graphics can be produced in a wide range of colours including metallics, to match and enhance your corporate id.

Repositionable Window Signs – Clingfilm

Cling film is a medium that can accommodate vinyl or printed graphics that attaches to glass without any adhesive. This is an excellent temporary or short term window signs solution. Wetting the cling film panel, applying to the window and squeegieing out the excess water will give a nice finish.

Window signs come in many forms such as coloured vinyl cut graphics and lettering, digitally printed graphics, interior hanging banners, signs or posters, cling film panels and frosted vinyl graphics.

Window Signs – “Frostfilm” –  Etched Glass Simulation

Signs Online presents to you, “Frostfilm” for your window signs applications. This specialist vinyl product offers a flexible, cost effective alternative to glass acid etching or sandblasting. Frostfilm Window signs allow a subtle, bespoke and sophisticated solution to overcome legal requirements regarding large glazed areas. Not only reinforcing brand and corporate identity but also allowing privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Window Signs – Making Glass Doors Safe

Signs Online recognized the potential danger of full length glass sliding door panels, in that they can appear “invisible” in certain lighting conditions. This can lead to serious injuries, potential lawsuits and expensive glass replacements. Signs Online has developed a range of attractive window signs using “frostfilm” (or frosted vinyl) decals which form a continuous strip along the width of the panel, making them immediately noticeable. The strip is large and conspicuous enough to catch the attention of someone approaching the door without detracting from the outside view or cluttering the door panel.

On the left, you can see an example of a typical glass sliding door, with a Frostfilm safety strip. A simple but attractive solution to protect your family and guests at home and clients, or staff at your office or store.

Installation is quick and clean with no messy sandblast, acid etching or masking materials necessary. Since having Frostfilm frosted vinyl safety strips installed after some unfortunate accidents, many of our clients have already saved thousands in further damages and prevented further injuries.


Call Signs Online  today and let us help you with your requirements regarding full length glass door safety concerns and window signs.

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