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Vehicle Branding


Vehicle Signs – Unlimited Brand Exposure

With custom-made car signs, your vehicle could be one of the best sales tools you already have. 

Simply by using your vehicle for everyday duties, you could be reaching thousands of prospective customers per day and generating thousands of impressions without even thinking about it.

From smart cars to RV's, we can handle any size job.

Vehicle Wraps - Mobile Billboards

Vehicle signs wraps are where part or all of the vehicle is covered with digitally printed vinyl graphics. The vinyl conforms to the vehicle's surface like a second skin, protecting the original paint finish whilst creating a mobile masterpiece. 

With the advancements in vinyl adhesive technolgy, an air egress system virtualy eliminates trapped air bubbles during the application process and facilitates easier removal of the vinyl with little to no gum residue
when the graphics are due for replacement.
Special solid coloured vinyls are also available to literally change the entire colour of a vehicle.

That Could Be Your Advert Someone’s Reading!

 On the highway or around town, prospective customers will see your company's vehicle branding, be aware of your range of services, and have a phone number to call for more information. 

The next time you’re driving around town, take note of how many times you find yourself looking at corporate signage on vehicles, or in many cases, reading the signage on the back window of a vehicle as you are sitting in traffic.

Examples of Vehicle Branding We Make

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