Thankyou for visiting our exterior signs page. We can offer you a broad range of exterior signs including 3D lettering, signboards, banners, awnings, A frame signs, illuminated sign boxes, etc. The options are endless, each sign type having it’s own characteristics and application. Our exterior signs are made from weather resistant materials designed to produce long lasting results.

Exterior Signs – A lasting Impression

Exterior signs will in most cases, be the first contact that a visitor has with a business or organization. Exterior signs should welcome, inform and direct, but that vital first impression also speaks volumes about what a company stands for and what it represents. Outdoor signage comes in many forms such as signboards, illuminated signs, dimensional lettering and awnings.
“A Business Without a Sign, is a Sign of No Business”
 Signs Online can cater for all your exterior signs needs and determine what is the best application to suit your location and budget.

Signs Online can cater for all your exterior signs needs and determine what is the best application to suit your location and budget.

Exterior Signs – Quality and Design

Many of our exterior signs are made using Ultraboard, a foam cored product with a smooth plastic front face. The face can be painted or textured to match the surrounding area. These letters can be made in thicknesses of up to two inches, yet are still light in weight. The effect is a striking three dimensional product giving a professional look and feel. The product is also waterproof prolonging it’s lifespan.

Awnings are another form of exterior signs and are popular in most areas and come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be backlit for effective night time viewing aswell.

Signboards using DiBond as the backing panel are also very popular exterior signs. Dibond is a plastic cored material with an aluminum skin on each face. The face comes in a variety of matt or gloss finishes and can be painted, or overlaid with printed vinyl graphics. Dibond is ideal for outdoor applications due to it’s weather resistance qualities. Being a rigid type material, it can also be suspended from cables, to make double sided signs.

Ask us about Exterior Signs for your organization

Exterior signs can also be manufactured using treated wood as the backing such as plywood. These boards are primed and painted to your colour specs and graphics applied.


Whatever the application, Signs Online can produce exterior signs to suit most budgets and welcome your enquiry.

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