Illuminated Signs

Your signage could be the first thing your potential client sees about your business, so it’s important that you make a lasting impression of quality and professionalism. With our illuminated LED signs, we focus on just that, and that statement of quality and professionalism continues even when the sun has set.

Illuminated signs were typically fitted with high voltage neon or regular fluorescent tubes. Neon Signs have for many years, been the norm for illuminated signs, however as LED technology has improved and energy conservation has become paramount, the new trend is LED lit signs.

LED Illuminated Signs - Go Green and Save

Signs Online believes that LED technology is not just another trend in illuminated signs, but rather a revolution in sign lighting systems. 

Illuminated LED signs may carry a slightly higher initial purchase price, but the monthly energy savings you will enjoy, will quickly more than compensate this expense, along with a significantly longer operational lifespan of the sign. 

Additionally the intensity of led lighting has improved tremendously and is easier to maintain than neon. 

Every Sign is Unique

At Signs Online, we recognize that the most effective illuminated sign starts with a good, clean design. As visibility is the key, we want to ensure that your new sign has a bright, clean look that can be identified in a few seconds, even from a distance.

Based on your requirements, our designers will suggest an ideal size, style and colour combination for your led lit sign. Illuminated light box signs, electronic digital signage (EDS) systems or individual channel letters are just some of the sign options we can offer you.

Examples of Illuminated Signs We Make

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