With custom made car signs, your vehicle could be one of your best sales tools you already have. Simply by using your vehicle for everyday duties, you could be reaching hundreds of prospective customers per day without even thinking about it.

Car Signs Vancouver – Unlimited Exposure

Truck and car signs by Signs Online utilising vinyl lettering and graphics, will equip you to send your message out to thousand of perspective customers. On the highway or around town, prospective customers will see your company branding, be aware of your range of services, and have a phone number to call for more information. The next time you’re driving around town, take note of how many times you find yourself looking at corporate signage on vehicles, or in many cases, reading the signage on the back window of a vehicle as you are sitting in traffic.

That Could Be Your Advert Someone’s Reading!

Advertising on vehicles has many options including vinyl cut car signs, magnetic signs and digitally printed vehicle signs wraps where part or all of the vehicle is partially or fully covered with digitally printed graphics. The vinyl moulds to the vehicle like a second skin, protecting the original paint finish whilst creating a mobile masterpiece.

Contravision –  Car Signs on Windows

Perforated window film or Contravision is an excellent choice and very popular for truck and car signs, where digitally printed graphics are applied over rear and side windows. This type of vehicle vinyl decals has hundreds of tiny holes and a dark backing which allows the vehicle occupants to “look through” the window graphic without impeding visibility. From a distance, the holes when viewed from the outside, are barely noticeable and the graphic appears solid.

Perforated window film graphics are highly effective as they are above the vehicle’s door panels and visible to other motorists sitting in their vehicles. The graphics are trimmed to the contour of the window panel for a neat presentable finish. By using Perforated window film, your rear window or rear side windows become instant attention grabbers that can generate more sales for you.

Magnetic Car Signs- convenient and interchangeable

Magnetic truck and car signs are a great choice if you don’t want to have graphics permanently applied to your vehicle. If you use several vehicles, you can simply switch the graphics to the relevant vehicle. These type of signs can also be custom shaped to enhance your corporate design. Signs Online can produce a full colour “rolling advert” for your business that can be easily attached to your vehicle doors or side panels.

Being magnetic, these panels would not be suitable for aluminum or fibreglass body panels. Magnetic truck and car signs are an affordable option and can reap dividends by giving your business the exposure it deserves.

Vehicle signage covers a range of vehicles including motor cars, trucks and vans, motorcycles, aircraft, boats and buses. Your vehicle can literally become an asset overnight as it begins to attract new customers to your business. Vehicle advertising can pay for itself in no time at all. Give Signs Online a call and find out how our custom made truck and car signs for your vehicle, can increase your company awareness.

For extremely cost effective exposure of your business, advertising with truck and car signs is the solution.

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There was a day when you just paid for your vehicle… Now your vehicle can pay YOU through its advertising value when you utilize custom truck and car signs.

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